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Words when not understood properly and their meaning is somewhat hazy are become misty words. I know there comes time in one’s life when realities are not seen crystal clear. Whole point of starting this Blog is to see what is clear or otherwise misty.

I hope my initiative would help me understand the world around me and my loved ones can have new vision of my personality.

Nothing to prove right or wrong, I think now is the time before I vanish in to the blue as I heard in a very prominent literature piece and movie. 

I’m almost 60 and not much time is left on this planet, things happened in life and some of those are so valuable that I must leave a trail like a comet.

I’m not a star I didn’t shine much all my life, for some I’m a cursed black hole, a dying thing which will only leave a trail of dust.

 No, I still want to share some pains and comforts of my life. And give the younger generation something they might not have experienced till date.

Hope I will be able to do that. 

Amen !!!!!!! 

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